Introducing Gett in New York City
Gett is the transportation app of the future – we combine state-of-the-art technology (neglected by traditional car fleets) with 24/7 superior customer service (overlooked by other taxi apps). In New York City, we are proud to introduce the Gett black car service – rain or shine, Gett will be THE solution nearby to sweep you off your feet.

Better Cars

It’s 5pm - do you know where your ride is? In partnership with premier local fleets, Gett brings you first-rate cars on demand – book easily, ride safely and comfortably with our professional drivers, and pay with your credit card securely. Gett is quality of life on wheels, so you can get to where you need to go on time and in style!


Better Service

Gett drivers go above and beyond for our passengers – they wait for you to go inside before pulling away at night. Your lost property might be returned to you before you realize it was lost! Something wrong? Don’t worry – we have 24/7 live customer support and we’re always here for you – write to us at


Better Value

Simply put, Gett is a better ride for your money. Base fares are 100% fixed so it’s the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, going somewhere and coming back. Just an extra $5 during rush hour, so you can relax while you’re stuck in traffic and you’ll never have to worry about surge pricing or hidden charges. Price quotes are available inside the app.

Gett Pricing Details

Gett’s rates are fixed and constant, no matter what day of the week or which direction you’re going. We believe in 100% transparency, and we only want to surprise you with amazing service, never the price! Here’s our simple pricing formula (for more details, tap the $ icon inside the app):

  • Base Fare – all rates are fixed flat rates priced between neighborhoods; price quotes are available inside the app if you provide the destination
  • Peak Time – flat $5-10 during peak hours, bad weather, and major holidays. Stuck in traffic? We don’t charge extra!
  • Stops – flat $5 for each additional stop
  • Waiting time – first 5 minutes are free! $1/minute thereafter

Tip – You can select your default tip in advance and the app will charge your credit card automatically at the end of the ride. Has the driver gone above and beyond? You can always change the tip percentage during each trip.

Go on, click here to download the Gett app now!

Drivers Wanted!

Our vision is to become the technology backbone of the New York City car service industry and build a smart grid that consumers and businesses can rely on. We are here to work together, as real partners. If you are a driver or fleet interested in joining the Gett Network, please write to us at or call (855) 200- Gett.

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